Part-Time Storier: Reviews by Genre

On this page, I’ve tried to sort the games I’ve reviewed on my blog by genre. Some of them were a bit difficult to categorize, but I hope this will help a bit if you’re looking for reviews of stuff you might be interested in! Note that I sometimes include several short reviews of short games in one post, so if you click the link and don’t see what you were looking for right away, it might just be a little farther down the page.

The icons that appear in the corners of some of the images indicate the following things:

NSFW in the top left – As you might expect, this post contains images that might be “not safe for work.”

Bishounen-P icon in the top right – I wrote this post in collaboration with my friend Bishounen-P.

Puzzle piece in the bottom left – This game was a demo, one part of an episodic series, or otherwise incomplete at the time I wrote my review.

Game controller in the bottom right – Unlike the majority of games I review, this one is not a visual novel, or at least has more gameplay than your average VN.

Adventure & Mystery




Science Fiction